From Economy of Not-Enough Back to Vision

I remember a few years ago noticing how much my mind was drowned, manipulated and governed by the economy of not-enoughness. When I went to sleep I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough sleep (mind you, I always make sure I have 8 hours a night since that’s what my body needs). When I ate, especially when I was hungry, I was afraid the food wouldn't be enough. When I sat down to work on my creative ideas, even if I cleared out the day, I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough time to accomplish something significant. It was only when I started seriously working on my creative ideas as a SoulPreneur that I realised I need to do something about the demons that kept on telling me how my ideas are not en

When You See A Sad Person & The Ultimate Freedom

When you see a sad person. Freedom. It’s the second close friend of mine now whose started taking anti-depressant pills. Life can be very challenging and heavy sometimes. Depression can arise for many reasons - one is not more “real or justifiable” than the other. Depression is a result of a cry that comes from the deep. We all hear that cry and I wish we would stop to listen to it from time to time. When you see a sad person - give them 5 minutes of your time. A wise and strong woman told me this week - many women here have lots of money and have the freedom to do whatever they want. No, they don’t! Money doesn’t give you freedom. There are so many things that money cannot fix or heal or re

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