Shooting the messenger? - How (not) to be a messenger for a 3,000 year old wisdom (Buddhism)

Yesterday I attended a talk given by a nun. It had a very intriguing title, but more than that I have been exploring and practising Buddhism for quite some time now, and it was a celebration to go there. Sometimes you must learn more from what is not than from what is. That was the kind of evening it was for me. So I wanted to take this opportunity to speak from my own experience and wisdom, which is very much drawing from the principles of Buddhism: to learn and grow to become your own boss your own therapist your own creator by using the wisdom you can extract from your very own experiences. What struck me the most is the way the nun got angry at people’s questions and their responses to h

Forgiveness & forgiving. The depth of Hello. The presence of pain.

Hello is a fleeting moment of arriving here with openness and innocent readiness to meet. Forgiveness is a result of forgiving. It’s the result of a continuum of actions practicing the meanings, the deeds, the thoughts, the feelings of Being forgiving. The art of forgiveness starts with taking an action. One of the yoga teachers I love, Mirjam Haymann, keeps on reminding us in class that wobbling in poses that require balance is part of the process. “Don’t be afraid to wobble,” she says. But we don’t want to be wobbling, we’re not comfortable being shaky and uncertain. We much prefer to have an answer than to be answering - to be in an active continued effort of answering instead of an accom

In the name of the nameless

There is a void in avoidance And we seek to fall in it. Let that thing, that person, Let go into it, As we know deep down It’s a black hole. Time is an illusion, Or so they say. So where do they all go If there's no later For avoidance to meet within? I was once a little girl But the dreams still carry the same size and weight, Tiptoeing like a ballerina On a tight thin pole Above a very deep gorge That connects here And there Then and when In a fine sutured ring. Clear the way in the name of freedom Clear the way in the name of avoidance Clear the way in the name of pain, regrets and loses Clear the way in the name of love, kindness and forgiveness Clear the way in the name of pretence, wis

Can we talk about avoidance?! And freedom.

It’s in avoidance that we can meet the empty and the vast, the hollow and the wide. So tell us the reincarnations of the word ‘avoid’. And the waste. Everything we haven’t found a way to compost, recycle and turn to new fertile soil in our life. With the places and the people in our lives. What are you avoiding in your life? Right now. What do you tend to avoid? What would you like to avoid? How do your avoidances hold your emptiness and your vastness in one breath? We may know that we avoid something/someone because of fear, because of wisdom, because of the uncertainty or the letting go, because of the right thing, because of the wrong thing. Avoidance is the moon in our lives, balanced an

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