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“How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives” wrote Annie Dillard. I find that how we spend our days is also how we LEAD a life. Leading can be a painful subject to bring up in the messy and lost world we live in today. Leadership has become an ironed-out word flattened by bad example and manipulation. Let me ask you this: Do you consider yourself a leader? I love the way Susan Sontag speaks about the writer’s job, which for me reflects the true way of a true leader: “If literature … embodies a wisdom - it is by demonstrating the multiple nature of our private and our communal destinies. It will remind us that there can be contradictions, sometimes irreducible conflicts, amon

Doubt Is Your Light Worker When You Violate Your True-Self

“It is not easy to be sure that being yourself is worth the trouble” said Florida Scott-Maxwell Sometimes we miss out on the most obvious things. It’s the elusive nature of truth. It’s very easy to feel unappreciative or dismissive towards ourselves when we don’t have proof to prove our vision for ourselves. It seems that forging the portrait of our soul must always pass through doubt. Doubt can be a very full experience, though most often we experience it as a partialising experience, as a splitting knife that tears us to pieces and feeds the only solid ground we've managed to put together through the mincing machine. Doubt can eat you up from within and throw you into a whirlpool where the

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