Will you dare suggest a solution

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE I love going after my Saturday morning yoga to indulge on a hot cup of chocolate in the old city of Zurich. The place has a charm of an old Parisian theatre booth and I find myself often submerged in inspiring conversation with people I share my booth with as the place is very small and you have to squeeze in. One such beautiful and not so cold after-yoga session I went for my favourite treat and found myself sitting outside since the place was totally packed. I was actually about to leave when a beautiful and gentle woman couldn't find space inside came to share the table with me. I confess that people are my biggest fascination in this life. And I will always seize

How to be successful?!

How far away from you is Your Success? I’m not even asking what IS success for YOU. Though it’s a very important and fundamental question I’m curious to know: Where do you place yourself now in relation to your summit of success, and how can you really measure the distance when life keeps on moving and shifting? Sometimes life looks very tricky and messy. You don’t know how you’re going to pay your next bill, you don’t know how you’re going to cope with this fight with your partner, you don’t know if you’re going to find your new direction in life, you don’t know if you’re going to survive this illness…. Life has a tendency to stand in our way to success and take us to the edge as if to say

The power of imitation

We learn the most important things in life through imitation. Eating, talking, walking, interacting, all come to us through watching our environment and wanting to fit in and share in those joys of expression. But as grown ups our world is obviously more complex and as we try to find our unique voice - in who we are, in our professions - one of the most threatening things for us is that we will sound like {xx}, look like {xx}, that we will not know how to express out true nature. Whom are you looking up to? Who are the people whose work/message you appreciate? (you can also substitute ‘appreciate’ with 'feel jealous of’ or ‘threatened by’) These are not trivial questions but very relieving a

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