"Happiness is only real when shared"

Into the Wild was a book (and a movie) that touched many people. The life story that Christopher McCandless left behind broke many people's hearts. That young boy who could stand no more the falsity of society, the lies and imbalance that was constantly reinforced by our families, the broken connections, the absence of pure and natural love. My Soul-Question for you this time is: What do you bring to the connections you have in life? The Libra new moon is initiating us to find new balance through connections, justice and love. "Happiness is only real when shared" was the most powerful saying I took from Christopher McCandless. It touched me deeply as it reflected how much WE NEED each other.

The Inner Landscape and Some Forgiveness: Energy Flow Forecast for Virgo New Moon

Ease up on the hard work. You may look at yourself and think - nothing has changed. I am just deluding myself. Stop it. Call a stop. Take a break. Find a lake, a breeze, a nice ice cream and dream about the life you love. It is not just the start of a new moon cycle in Virgo that brings all the scrutinising, perfectionism, analysing and so on to work your mind to chaos, it is also, also, an eclipse season. Yes, things get a bit like scramble eggs inside and you are suddenly unfamiliar with the inner landscape you are so used to and maybe have enjoyed up until now. The soul-question posed for us for this cycle is - can you forgive yourself?! Forgiveness is not relative. You don't need to find

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