Now Maybe

Now. Now maybe. Maybe now you will start seeing yourself With different eyes. Eyes that don't want to wait. To wait for that body-weight That didn't carry then all the treasures Of your heart That sit in you Now. To wait for him to love you Like on your first date, You who didn't hold That feminine insight That has awakened in you, Like now. Save not on feelings On pleasures On beauty On love On hugs And kisses On life's little gestures On insights Nesting between The branches of Now.

To Feel Everything is to Heal Everything: Energy Flow Forecast for Cancer New Moon

How do we nourish our needs? Sensitivity is going up. The waters are rising and rising. Broken records play a familiar tune. The motherly love serves you a hot cup of tea and freshly made home made cookie Flowers spread all around to create a personal and sensitive feeling. The soul-question offered for us in this new moon in Cancer asks us to echo back to the womb. That place where 'needs' are not considered an "unenlightened" word, a place where listening and nourishment are the only way to create life. And not violence. Because violence rises when we avoid our needs. We seal them in a concrete bunker, pretending there is something else more important. And then, we embark on a spiritual jo

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